Red, White & Blueberry Shortcakes

The perfect 4th of July dessert: tender, flaky shortcakes topped with sweetened red and blue berries and perfectly white whipped cream.

The 4th of July is my faaaaavorite holiday. I love the parades, the fairs, the BBQs, and the fireworks.

Now I realize that most people are out and about at large gatherings for the Fourth of July. But, on the off chance you aren’t one of those people, and you find yourself hosting or attending a small gathering for about four people, then know that this post is for you.

Even if you are spending the fourth at a large party, make these sometime earlier in the week. You won’t be sorry.Red, White, & Blueberry Shortcakes // Continue reading “Red, White & Blueberry Shortcakes”

Butterscotch Biscoff No-Bake Cookies

A flavorful twist on the classic chocolate peanut butter no-bake cookie. These are made with Biscoff spread and cinnamon for a warm, buttery, blondie-like flavor. They’re taken to a whole new level with melty marshmallows and butterscotch chips. You will simply love these cookies! 

The first time I tried Biscoff spread, I have to admit that I wasn’t a fan. I’ve never liked the cookies either, so that came as no surprise to me. My husband on the other hand thought it was love at first bite. There were literally times when I thought he might have more of an infatuation with the cookie spread than with me. I joke, I joke.

He could never love a food more than me.

Right?Butterscotch Biscoff No-Bake Cookies // bakingyum.comDavid has eaten Biscoff spread on just about everything. Fresh fruit, hot homemade bread, cookies, crackers, pretzels, ice cream… you get the idea. One day he asked me to make these little beauties from Jaclyn at Cooking Classy, Continue reading “Butterscotch Biscoff No-Bake Cookies”

Lemon-Lime Oreo Truffles

An easy no bake treat based on the ever popular chocolate oreo truffle recipe. This summer version, which is made with golden oreos, has hints of tangy lemon and lime. They are absolutely divine!

I love the original oreo truffle recipe. Have you had them? They are made by crushing a whole package of regular oreos into fine crumbs and then mixing a block of cream cheese into those crumbs. Roll the oreo mixture into balls, dip them in chocolate, and viola! They’re total deliciousness, as far as I’m concerned.Lemon-Lime Oreo Truffles //

I made these lemon-lime oreo truffles for the first time a couple of years ago during the summer. I needed a no-bake treat that was simple to make and that tasted like summer. And these totally do. I just love citrus. The lemon and lime flavors in these taste like sunshine.  I brought a larger batch of these to a gathering and they got snatched up so fast. Continue reading “Lemon-Lime Oreo Truffles”

No-Bake Pretzel M&M Scotcheroos

The perfect sweet and salty no-bake treat: peanut butter rice krispie treats loaded with pretzels, topped with a chocolate butterscotch mixture, more pretzels, and a handful of mini M&Ms.

Let’s talk about these scotcheroos. You’ve probably had a regular scotcheroo before (which are just like these, except no pretzels or M&Ms). The best thing about a scotcheroo is the peanut butter/butterscotch combo. Hello. I could eat creamy peanut butter and butterscotch chips off of a spoon every. day. of. my. life. But then again, these bars are even more delicious and they only take minutes to make. The hard part is waiting for the chocolate to set, which is optional if you don’t mind melted chocolate schmeared all over your lips.Small-Batch Pretzel M&M Scotcheroos. Recipe makes just 6 bars! // bakingyum.comThe inspiration for adding pretzels and M&Ms to the mix came mostly from my insane love for sweet and salty treats. Oh, and also a very vague memory of making a peanut butter cheerio bar with a friend and her mom when I was younger, probably nine or ten. I have lots of cooking memories from my childhood years (post easy bake oven tantrum). The aforementioned cheerio bars were one of the times where my childhood cooking experiment actually ended up tasty. Unlike when I thought yeast and wheat germ were the same thing, or when I completely forgot flour in a batch or cookies, or another time when I added a 1/4 cup of salt to cookie dough instead of a 1/4 teaspoon. Yep, that happened. I really haven’t had a major mishaps like that in a while though, just as a disclaimer. After years of practice and mostly figuring things out on my own I’m pretty confident in the kitchen.  Continue reading “No-Bake Pretzel M&M Scotcheroos”

Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Desserts

Perfectly sweet and tangy {no-bake} frozen raspberry lemonade desserts are easy to make and perfect for cooling off this summer! 

Last summer we moved to Washington state from Utah. At the time I was seven months pregnant. Our new apartment, unlike our place in Utah, did not have A/C. Washington does not get as hot as Utah in the summer, so it’s understandable that most places for rent in our area don’t have air conditioning, but still… heat and pregnancy just don’t mix well.Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Desserts //
To keep cool we bought several fans, I stuck my head in our freezer a lot, we went swimming frequently at our complex’s pool, and I ate sooooo many popsicles and other frozen desserts. At the time I basically didn’t want to eat anything unless it was frozen. Continue reading “Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Desserts”

Oreo Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cookies n’ cream flavored ice cream sandwiched between layers of rich, fudge-y brownies. The perfect sweet bite for a hot summer’s day.

Before I get to talking about these ice cream sandwiches, let’s just talk about ice cream in general:

  1. My favorite ice cream is cookie dough, but any other flavor of ice cream is a close second.
  2. I’d eat an ice cream cone every day during the summer, if I could (but we all know what that’d mean for my waistline).
  3. I just had my first waffle cone the other day, and I LOVED IT. What have I been missing my whole life?
  4. Give me all the waffle cones.

I should’ve instagrammed my first waffle cone moment, but I’m not naturally that person who snaps a picture of the things I eat. So next time I eat a waffle cone, I’ll instagram it and we’ll just pretend that it’s my first waffle cone, okay? It’ll be our little secret. Have you followed me on instagram yet? Admittedly there’s not much to see at the moment. But there will be, so follow and stay tuned.

Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches //

Remember those small batch brownies from the other day? Well I thought a summer application of said brownies was in order. A few years ago I made a painstakingly difficult version of homemade ice cream sandwiches. First I had to make the chocolate cookie dough; then it had to be refrigerated. After several hours of refrigeration, I had to roll it out and cut rectangles that measured exactly the same size. Then the not-so-perfectly rectangular cookies had to be refrigerated again and then baked and cooled. And oh… you get the idea. I haven’t even gotten to explaining the process of adding the ice cream to the sandwiches yet! Continue reading “Oreo Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches”

Small Batch Brownie Mixes

If you find yourself craving brownies on a regular basis, but don’t want to make a huge batch, then keep these small-batch brownie mixes on hand. These brownies are chewy, fudge-y, and uber-delicious. Press a small handful of milk and/or semi-sweet chocolate chips into the top of the batter before baking for an extra chocolate-y treat.

Hey, my name is Amanda! This is my first post ever here at Small Batch Treats. I’ve had a food blog before, but recently I decided to take the leap into the niche of dessert blogging. When I was in the third grade, I really wanted an Easy Bake Oven. Unfortunately, when I went to the toy store I was a few dollars short of buying that little oven and my parents, being the awesome people that they are, told me I’d have to wait. I threw a massive tantrum; according to my parents it was the only tantrum I’ve ever thrown.

Side note, I find that hard to believe since I have a three-year-old now and it’s tantrum central around here some days. I was three once too. That tantrum over the easy bake oven can’t have been the only meltdown I’ve ever had.

Small Batch Brownie Mix //

My mom finally got me to leave Toys-R-Us when she told me that I could learn to use the real oven instead. I’ve honestly never looked back. I’m super glad my mom was wise enough to present that as the solution to my allowance shortage. I remember the first thing I ever baked, an oatmeal cake, and I’ve been addicted to baking ever since. Continue reading “Small Batch Brownie Mixes”

Summer Sweet Corn and Avocado Salad

This salad is bursting with flavor; crispy bits of romaine lettuce topped with sweet summer corn (cut right off the cob), vine ripened tomatoes, sliced avocados, and red onion. Before being served, it’s drizzled with a tangy homemade red wine vinaigrette.

Summer Sweet Corn and Avocado Salad //

I know I went on and on about the heat in my last post, and during the summer it really does get to me. But, the one thing I never get tired of during this HOT season is all of the fresh summer produce. It’s the one thing that makes me wish it was summer all. year. long. Continue reading “Summer Sweet Corn and Avocado Salad”

Skinny Pop Copycat

An easy and healthy whole grain snack made with just three ingredients! Perfect for an afternoon or late night snack.Skinny Pop Copycat // bakingyum.comMy kids are asleep at the same time right now. The same time! This is especially amazing since my three-year-old hasn’t taken a regular nap for about a year now.

But, he went to bed too late last night and he woke up far too early, and as a result he threw a massive temper tantrum this morning. When I told him it was time for a nap, he asked why, and I told him it was because of the tantrum he threw. Continue reading “Skinny Pop Copycat”

Raspberry Pretzel Jello Salad

A simple layered raspberry pretzel jello salad with a pretzel crust, a no bake cheesecake layer, and a layer of raspberry gelatin. This holiday side dish/dessert is the perfect balance of sweet and salty!

Raspberry Pretzel Jell-O Salad //

I have to be honest, I have totally struggled with whether or not to post this recipe. Not because it isn’t totally delish and well worth posting, but because I took so many pictures and only one turned out semi-decent. Ahem… Continue reading “Raspberry Pretzel Jello Salad”