Apple Spice Granola Bars

A few weeks ago I was at the grocery store picking up some cheerios for our one year old in the cereal aisle, and I spotted some limited edition Sunbelt apple spice and Sunbelt pumpkin spice granola bars. They were only $2 a box, but I really thought spending $4 on granola bars was a little spendy. I’m super cheap. I stood there for, like, 10 minutes trying to decide which ones I wanted. In the end I settled on the apple spice granola bars.

Apple Spice Granola Bars //

Then a couple of weeks later I went grocery shopping again with the intention to pick up another box, because we loved them so much, and they were gone! Talk about a limited edition. Sheesh. I didn’t even get to try the pumpkin ones! I am sure I could go to another store, but these kids of mine can really only handle so much grocery shopping at once. You know, temper tantrums and things. Continue reading “Apple Spice Granola Bars”

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Slow Cooker Pineapple Huli Huli Chicken

Slow cooker chicken braised in a savory-sweet pineapple huli huli sauce, then baked and basted with additional sauce. These easy chicken thighs are saucy, sticky, and delicious!

Pineapple Huli Huli Chicken (made in a slow cooker!) //

I have to admit that I used to be an overly-complicated cook. I’d do anything to make a great tasting recipe. It didn’t matter how many ingredients it took, how many dirty dishes it produced, or how much time it took to make.

Okay, okay… I still have a little bit of a tendency to overcomplicate recipes. But that is okay for me to do sometimes, since I sort of enjoy it. To see what I’m talking about, check out these AMAZING apple crisp pancakes. Definitely not yo’ mama’s typical pancake, but so worth the extra steps.

Ever since having baby #2 I’ve realized that I really need to simplify our family dinners so that I can spend less time in the kitchen before and after mealtime and more time doing important things (like dancing with the kiddos, their usual post-dinner activity of choice).

Also, we moved into a new apartment this summer that has a much smaller kitchen than our previous apartment, and a much smaller dishwasher than I’m used to (about half the size of our last dishwasher). Basically the fewer steps and ingredients needed in a recipe, the fewer dirty dishes I make, meaning fewer dishes I have to wash after dinner. That’s a big reason for me to start simplifying because I HATE DISHES. Hate ’em, hate em’, HATE THEM. Continue reading “Slow Cooker Pineapple Huli Huli Chicken”

Just One Dozen Snickerdoodles

The perfect soft and cinnamon-ey small batch snickerdoodle recipe. These are quick and easy to make and will satisfy any snickerdoodle craving. The batch makes just one dozen snickerdoodles.

Just One Dozen Snickerdoodles (a small batch recipe!) //

Life is so busy. I am still adjusting to David’s increased hours at school and at work; we hardly see each other these days. As I look around the house today I’m reminded of how nice it was to have him home a little more often during his first year of grad school.

There’s a long list of things that need to be done, which if he were here David would be glad to help with!

The kitchen floors need sweeping and mopping. The floor in the kids room is covered in toys. There are baskets of laundry that need to be folded. The bathrooms need cleaning.

I need to go to the grocery store, but oh shoot… that would mean having to take both kids (instead of just one or none at all). I would love to go to the gym, but no David at home means no one is here to watch the kids while I exercise.

Sheesh, David really spoiled me last year and I’m beginning to realize just how much he did for me when he was able to be home more frequently and how I took him for granted!
Continue reading “Just One Dozen Snickerdoodles”

Whole Wheat Apple Streusel Muffins

A bakery style muffin made healthier with whole wheat flour. As an extra bonus, they are dairy free and low in refined sugar! These muffins are studded with fresh bits of apple and topped with a crispy crunchy streusel, the perfect breakfast treat for the beginning of fall.

Whole Wheat Apple Streusel Muffins //

My baby girl is almost one. I can’t believe it has been almost one year! One year since my 13 hour long labor. One year since the nurses who assisted in my delivery handed me a teeny, tiny six pound two ounce baby girl. Continue reading “Whole Wheat Apple Streusel Muffins”

Maid-Rite Sandwich Copycat (Lightened Up!)

A quick and easy ground beef recipe inspired by the Maid-Rite loose meat sandwich.  On the table and ready to eat in just fifteen minutes!

Maid-Rite Sandwich Copycat (Lightened Up!) //

David does not like sloppy joes, but I very much do. AND being the good wife that I am (heh heh heh) I don’t make sloppy joes, like ever, so that David doesn’t have to eat something he doesn’t like.

I joke, I joke. I do make sloppy joes sometimes, and David is a good sport and eats them just fine. The problem is he doesn’t like them enough to eat any of the leftovers… so I end up eating sloppy joe mix for days. Continue reading “Maid-Rite Sandwich Copycat (Lightened Up!)”

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Mini Pies

Mini pies with a nutter butter crust and a no-bake honey roasted peanut butter cheesecake filling, topped with fresh whipped cream and sprinkled with coarsely chopped honey roasted peanuts.

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Mini Pies //

I’ve been waiting and waiting to share these awesome pies with you. They are inspired by my favorite peanut butter pie of all time, a recipe I found on Cook’s Country during a year long subscription I had to their website. Continue reading “Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Mini Pies”

Oatmeal Creme Pie Bars for Two

Oatmeal cookie bars inspired by Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies. These bars are soft, sweet, and loaded with cinnamon. They are even better than the original!

Oatmeal Creme Pie Bars for Two //

This morning I had the pleasure of taking my three-year-old guy into the dentist to get two cavities filled. Truth be told, I waited way too long to take him into the dentist. His first regular cleaning was just a couple of weeks ago. I put it off for a long time mainly because I just knew the probability of him having cavities was going to be high (NOT because this mom of his is a dessert blogger though).

I knew he’d likely have cavities because brushing his teeth has always been a battle (and we started brushing as soon as he had teeth as a little baby)! We are talking… screaming, crying, wiggling, weeping, and having to pin him down just to get that brush in his mouth for a few seconds. On the days when he begs to brush his teeth on his own, he just gets the fronts of his top and bottom teeth, and then he thoroughly enjoys sucking the rest of his berry flavored toothpaste off of his toothbrush. Probably better for him than not brushing at all, but still probably not very effective.

And so when they told me he had two cavities way in the back of his mouth a couple of weeks ago I was not surprised, because those back teeth hardly get cleaned like they should. Continue reading “Oatmeal Creme Pie Bars for Two”

Ginger + Peach Crisps for Two

Individual peach crisps with a hint of ginger. These irresistible little crisps come out of the oven hot, bubbly, and golden brown. Recipe makes just two crisps! 

Ginger + Peach Crisps for Two //

So, I made these delicious oatmeal creme pie bars the other day {recipe coming soon}. The recipe was baked in an 8×4″ pan, and made four bars. I decided that this was the perfect size for sharing. One for me, one for David, and one each for our friends Angela and David. Continue reading “Ginger + Peach Crisps for Two”

Coconut Lime Popsicles

Cool off during the last few weeks of summer with these super easy coconut lime popsicles, made with just three ingredients!

**This post contains affiliate links. If you click the link and buy the product, it will not cost more for you to buy but I will earn some commission for the sale.**

Coconut Lime Popsicles //

I can’t even tell you how excited I am for fall, *said the girl writing a post about popsicles*.

I love fall. Fall is my favorite. A couple of weeks ago it got nice and cool up here, just for a few days. It felt so much like fall that I started craving all things pumpkin and apple, and I really really wanted to wear a cardigan. Continue reading “Coconut Lime Popsicles”