Apple Spice Granola Bars

A few weeks ago I was at the grocery store picking up some cheerios for our one year old in the cereal aisle, and I spotted some limited edition Sunbelt apple spice and Sunbelt pumpkin spice granola bars. They were only $2 a box, but I really thought spending $4 on granola bars was a little spendy. I’m super cheap. I stood there for, like, 10 minutes trying to decide which ones I wanted. In the end I settled on the apple spice granola bars.

Apple Spice Granola Bars //

Then a couple of weeks later I went grocery shopping again with the intention to pick up another box, because we loved them so much, and they were gone! Talk about a limited edition. Sheesh. I didn’t even get to try the pumpkin ones! I am sure I could go to another store, but these kids of mine can really only handle so much grocery shopping at once. You know, temper tantrums and things. Continue reading “Apple Spice Granola Bars”

Whole Wheat Apple Crisp Pancakes

Whole wheat cinnamon applesauce pancake batter, cooked over an apple slice then served with butter, syrup, and a crisp cinnamon crumble topping.

Whole Wheat Apple Crisp Pancakes //

That picture right up there says it all. These pancakes are good. And boy, do I mean GOOD. They might be my favorite pancakes to date (and I eat pancakes a lot). Continue reading “Whole Wheat Apple Crisp Pancakes”