Easy Mint Lemonade

A cool and refreshing drink made by combining an easy homemade mint simple syrup and ice cold lemonade. This drink is perfect for any hot summer day! 

I love the idea of summer, until it’s actually here, and then the heat is totally miserable. In my opinion, fall can’t come soon enough.Easy Mint Lemonade // bakingyum.comIt’s been so hot here lately. I’m not complaining. I realize there are places that get much more hot than it does here. Continue reading “Easy Mint Lemonade”

Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Desserts

Perfectly sweet and tangy {no-bake} frozen raspberry lemonade desserts are easy to make and perfect for cooling off this summer! 

Last summer we moved to Washington state from Utah. At the time I was seven months pregnant. Our new apartment, unlike our place in Utah, did not have A/C. Washington does not get as hot as Utah in the summer, so it’s understandable that most places for rent in our area don’t have air conditioning, but still… heat and pregnancy just don’t mix well.Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Desserts // bakingyum.com
To keep cool we bought several fans, I stuck my head in our freezer a lot, we went swimming frequently at our complex’s pool, and I ate sooooo many popsicles and other frozen desserts. At the time I basically didn’t want to eat anything unless it was frozen. Continue reading “Frozen Raspberry Lemonade Desserts”